Lad Store

It's a collectors market...
The simple and obvious way to obtain the NFT you want is on a secondary market, but how do you get the original? Card packs are the key! These packs come in different flavors. Cards are randomly chosen and it might not always give you a property but will always give you a set number of NFTs. Some packs contain a guaranteed card from a particular class.
All card packs are purchased in $LAD, 95% of all $LAD used for store purchases is burned. The remaining 5% goes to the Dev team for marketing/project management.
Properties have levels based on rarity: Common, Silver, Gold, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Satoshi (only achievable through staking).
Players will be able to buy property card packs that have varying rarities.
  • 25 LAD - Chance - 1 random property NFT.
  • 60 LAD - Basic - 3 random property NFTs.
  • 120 LAD - Silver - 3 random NFTs, 1 silver or higher guaranteed.
  • 210 LAD - Gold - 3 random NFTs, 1 gold or higher guaranteed.
  • 360 LAD - Rare - 3 random NFTs, 1 rare or higher guaranteed.
  • 600 LAD - Epic - 3 random NFTs, 1 epic or higher guaranteed.
  • 1200 LAD - Lucky Lad - 5 NFTs, guaranteed 1 gold, 1 rare, and 1 epic, plus 3% added odds of pulling a Legendary.
  • 3690 LAD - Degen - 7 NFTs, all random! 5% legendary, 8% epic, 12% rare odds!
Properties are NFTs that are ownable, tradable, sellable, stakeable.
When a player lands on a Property or Rocket, if they have that card staked they pay nothing, otherwise, they owe the rent due for that spot in order to keep playing. Rent is distributed in the following ways:
  • 5% to Dev team.
  • 20% is added to the MOON Jackpot.
  • 25% is BURNED!! as in gone, no one ever gets it again.
  • 50% is split evenly between ALL NFT stakers of that property.
Out of that 50%, only eligible players will get paid out their share of the rent, a player is eligible if they have that property staked and they have rolled in the last 24 hours. Any player staking but not eligible will forfeit their share and it will be burned forever.
Last modified 10mo ago