The first play-to-earn game that will be officially licensed by Hasbro where players can earn crypto and win blue chip NFTs.

What is Ladopoly and how do I get one?

Ladopoly is the Metaverse remix of everyone's favorite game, Monopoly. Similar in the style of play, where players roll dice to move around a board they are able to win $LAD token instead.
Ladopoly is a P2E (play-to-earn) Gameverse on the Solana blockchain. The game will be open to the public for anyone to play as long as you have $LAD token. However, NFT holders, especially SoLad and Ladopoly NFT holders will have great in-game advantages.
Ladopoly will mint for a price of 3 SOL and the mint date is March 31st.

What is the supply?

There will be 3000 Ladopoly game board NFTs. Everyone who mints a game board NFT will be shipped a replica Ladoply game board that they can play on in real life. That game board will be licensed by Hasbro.

What utility will the game boards have?

  • Binding utility: Anyone who mints a game board will receive 5% of every sale of that NFT in the future.
  • There will be in-game taxes. 50% of those taxes will go to board holders monthly.
  • 3% royalty on all NFT Game board sales and 5% royalty on all #NFT property sales.
  • Board holders will be airdropped 50 $Lad token.
  • Board holders and Lad holders will be airdropped (1) free property.
  • 50% of advertising sales will go to board holders monthly. The other 50% will go to the dev team for marketing.
  • 10% of Gen II Lads' quarterly profits airdropped to board holders.

What are the tokenomics for LAD?

  • No max supply. Tokens will be generated through gameplay and staking property NFTs.
  • Token listing price: 1 $USDC = 1 $LAD (600 SOL starting LP)
  • 50 $LAD airdropped to board holders.
  • 25% of the rent is burned, 25% is added to the jackpot. 50% to property holders.
  • 50% of tax and utility spaces are burnt. 25% to board holders. 25% to the jackpot.
  • Jackpot is burnt every time a player goes to Bear Jail.
  • Tokens spent on properties are burned.

What are the rules of the game?

The rules are pretty straightforward: you roll and you land on a spot, then take the appropriate action, if any.
You must hold 50 $LAD to play. The price to play will increase each week. Week 2 will go up to 75 $LAD, and Week 3 100 $LAD. For Week 4 and beyond, it will be 150 $LAD (We want to give early adopters a chance to build up a bankroll)
  • You get up to 1 roll every 3 hours.
  • Roll to move onto a spot on the board.
  • Pass GO and collect your payday as well as a new level.
  • Avoid going to Bear Jail at all costs!
Spot payouts and rent amounts listed are subject to change

Are there in-game advantages for SoLads?

Gen I
  • 50 $LAD airdropped.
  • Max level of 11 instead of 10.
  • 1 free trip around the board quarterly.
Gen II
  • 1 property airdropped.
  • 3 dice rolls one time around the board.
  • 10% discount on property packs.

How are the mint funds allocated?

  • 75 SOL -(generated during private) will be used to jumpstart the project, giveaways, etc.
  • 3,000 SOL - Game designers, additional dev team assistance, current dev team, full-time artist full-time community manager.
  • 1,000 SOL - Licensing and shipping game boards to holders.
  • 2,000 SOL - Blue-chip giveaways.
  • 1,111 SOL - Marketing
  • 1,000 SOL - LAD Liquidity Pool.
  • 300 SOL - SoLads Gen II Vault fund.
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