The Board

Let’s walk you through all the various spots you can land on while traveling around the LADOPOLY Board!


This is where your journey begins, Pass this spot and get your standard payday.
Landing on GO gives you 4x your payday! You only get one or the other. If you don't pass GO, you still level up +1.
Payday amount = 10 $LAD * Your Level


Land on these spots and instantly receive 50 $LAD to claim.
Rick Roll Again: Land here and you get to roll again, no waiting just roll.


Sucks for you! You’ll have to pay the taxman to keep playing!
50% of your paid tax is burned, 25% to board holders, 25% to jackpot.


These are crypto gas stations that require you to pay a Gas Fee.
These properties cannot be owned. 50% of your paid gas is burned, 25% to board holders, 25% to the jackpot.
Gas Fee = Rent * Roll


If you land here on a normal roll don’t worry, you’re just here for a conjugal visit and you’ll be on your way next turn!
If you got rugged and sent to jail, you start here on your next roll.
  • To get out, pay double the rolling fee or make bail with 50 $LAD.
  • After 3 rolls you are released for free as well.

THE MOON, AKA "Free Parking"

Land here and you claim everything in the Jackpot!
25% of all rent paid is sent to THE MOON.
50% of utility rent is sent to THE MOON.
Always a minimum of 250 $LAD for landing on this spot.
5% of every jackpot goes to the dev team.


The place no one wants to be! Land here and the following happens to you:
  • You lose (1) level
  • You move to Bear Jail for your next roll
And that’s just you, you screw all of us by RUGGING THE JACKPOT!
95% of the current MOON Jackpot is burned forever when someone is sent to Bear Jail!
The jackpot is reset for the next player that lands on it.


These are the core of the game and you want to own as many as possible! The specific amount of properties available for mint will be a secret revealed at the game launch. We placed it at a number high enough to have a sustainable future at attracting new players. So properties will be available for secondary sales while the mint is still going. Some NFTs will be minted but some will only be able to be earned by staking in the LP pools!
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